Hi, my name is Aaron Campbell, I am the owner of Campbell Financial Advisory, LLC. a financial planning and investment management company that works primarily with people with incomes over $100,000 per year and people who have worked and saved hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for retirement.

Some people don’t understand why I only work with people that have higher incomes and more savings.  Some even get their feelings hurt thinking I only care about people that have hundreds of thousands of dollars saved, but the reality is people with more income and more savings have different problems than those with lesser amounts of money. 

My advice to those who have saved little to no money but want to do better is to invest in yourself first.  You can do this by learning more skills or getting more education so you can create more value to the world and hopefully more income for yourself and your family. 

In fact, I wrote a book, called “Never Worry About Retirement Again” to help clarify the simple steps that most anyone can take regardless of their income levels to significantly increases their chances of achieving financial success and freedom.  You can get it HERE.

Once you start to accumulate larger sums of money you will quickly understand the level of responsibility and pressure to take care of that money gets bigger and bigger because of dangers like:

  • Bad investments
  • Excessive taxes
  • Lawsuits
  • Nursing homes
  • Low interest rates
  • and inflation

Avoiding these dangers takes knowledge and skill.

This knowledge and skill is what my company provides.

We create custom financial strategies to help guide you step by step, year after year, to avoid danger areas and keep you on track to reach your ultimate goals.

I follow a 5 step meeting process that has been duplicated hundreds of times over the years to ensure we cover the most important areas. I have tried to make getting started with this process very simple: While you can obviously call, email, or schedule a meeting directly using the "Schedule a Meeting" tab in the bottom right corner of this page, you can also get the process started by following the steps below.

STEP 1: Custom Risk Score

The first step in our process is to take an easy 11 question quiz that will give you your custom investment risk score.

Once you have completed the 11-question quiz you will be asked to give your name, email address, and phone number so you can access the results of the quiz and gain access to your own online portal called the Generational Vault

Start step 1 by clicking RISK SCORE above.


Some people are hesitant to give their email and phone number because they fear being called with sales pitches and hit with hundreds of worthless follow up emails.  Well, the last thing I want is to contact someone who isn’t interested in learning how to potentially better their lives using the services I offer.  This isn’t a twist your arm to buy something type of business.  My business was created to help people who want help and see value in the services being offered. 

If you provide your email and phone number you are simply raising your hand saying, “I would like to learn more.” I will personally contact you to introduce myself and to have a simple conversation about what it is you would like to accomplish and to see if we are likely to be a good fit before moving to step 2.

How is that for being upfront?

STEP 2:  FACT AND FEELING FINDER:  This is where we get into the weeds of your financial life.  We figure out your income, expenses, assets, debts, and basic financial information.  This is also the time for you to clearly define what you want to accomplish and how you feel about investments, risks, taxes, and other financial areas of your life.

There are two ways to accomplish the fact and feeling finder:

1.       GUIDED:  If you like or need personal one on one help with this step, it is very easy.  Just schedule a one on one 60-minute strategy session by going to the "Schedule a Meeting" tab in the bottom right corner of this page.  In this scheduled meeting we will walk you through the fact and feeling part of the process step by step.

2.       DIY:  If you want to do this by yourself, you can complete the STRATEGY ASSESSMENT found in the generational vault you will gain access to after filling out your name, email address and phone number in the previous step.

NOTE:  Before starting the fact and feeling finder step, it would be helpful to gather your investment statements, tax returns, insurance policies, social security statements, and a list of your monthly expenses so the questions will be easier to answer.


The Fact and Feeling step is a BIG ROADBLOCK for many people.  The thought of having to go through the effort of getting all this information together can be overwhelming for some. 

However, if you do not already have easy access to your financial information in an organized manner you are almost certainly missing out on opportunities to do better.  It is also likely you have big danger areas you don’t even know exist

So, NOW is your chance to take control.  If you need help, WE WILL HELP YOU GET ORGANIZED!  Once you get organized, opportunities tend to magically reveal themselves.  Just imagine the feeling of control and power you will have once your ducks are in a row.  Don’t let this critical step STOP YOU FROM MOVING FORWARD! 


Once we get your information organized our affiliated team of Certified Financial Planners will go to work creating custom reports and strategies designed to isolate and eliminate potential problems and find hidden opportunities you can implement to help reach your goals as fast as possible with the least amount of risk.


UP to this point we have done all the preliminary planning and strategy creation for no cost, and you will probably be wondering, “What's the catch?”  "How are they doing all this for free?"  “How do you guys get paid?”

Well, it doesn’t make a lot of sense in my opinion to charge an upfront fee without knowing if we'll be able to provide value to you.  That puts all the risk on you to trust before you see.  So, our first goal is to provide proof of value.  Then you can choose if the value we add is worth any cost that may be associated with working together to accomplish your goals.

However, assuming we have created enough value and you want to implement our recommendation and bring your plan to life we may be compensated in the following ways:

How we make money:

1.       Investment Management:  If we manage investment that go up and down in value (RED    MONEY) we charge management fees of 1% or less. 

a.       Example:  $100,000 investment @ 1% = $1,000/ year

2.       Insurance Products:  If your plan includes life insurance, annuities, or long-term care, we could earn a commission from an insurance company. 

a.       Example: $100,000 in a 5-year fixed annuity paying you 4% interest/year might pay the agent a one-time upfront 3% Commission or $3,000.  (Note: The commission is paid by the insurance company to the agent and does not come directly out of your account.)


3.       Planning only:  If you don’t want us to manage your investments or insurance but do want an ongoing strategy/plan to help avoid danger zones and highlight opportunities.  We would charge a monthly or annual planning fee to keep your strategy up to date, to give you access to the Generational Vault, and your own customized financial planning account that you can access from any computer, and quarterly meetings to ensure you stay on track toward reaching your goals. 

a.       Example:  Annual fee $2,500 or $250/month (Fees could be higher or lower depending on complexity and time.)

 NOTE:  Our goal is to help bring value to you, NOT added expense.  With that in mind, many people already work with an investment advisor/financial advisor or have an employer sponsored retirement plan that manages their investments and may already be charging 1-3% for investment management only. That means there is no planning, no strategy, and no help with the bigger picture. What’s worse is sometimes the fees are buried in financial disclosures and you may have no idea how much you are actually paying or what you are paying for. 

What if you could get a customized plan and strategy that included:

  • Investment Management
  • Insurance planning
  • Tax planning
  • Income planning
  • Legacy or estate planning

and all of that had a similar cost to what you are already paying for simple investment management only? 

Wouldn’t that be worth looking into? 

I think so. 

Also, we are a transparent company, so all fees or commissions are displayed on one sheet of paper, so it is simple to understand.  I gave an example of my fee disclosure to my 13-year-old son, and he could easily understand the compensation.  I also gave him a 40-page mutual fund prospectus and asked him how much the fees were for the mutual fund, and he just looked at me like I was crazy and handed it back to me. 

Look, if you have it all figured out and don’t think there is any room for improvement in your current plan, then I congratulate you and wish you nothing but success. 

On the other hand, if you know your ducks are NOT in a row or feel like you need a strategy and a step-by-step plan to guide you away from danger and onto the path for success then don’t wait, get started now and in less than 30 days you will have detailed step by step strategy in place.

STEP 5:  Monitor Progress

The last step is to monitor your progress each year to ensure you are still on track to reach your goals.  Let’s face it, things change often.  Your plan and strategy must be constantly updated to account for unknowns like tax and law changes, inflation, investment performance, and unforeseen problems like pre-mature death or disabilities.  We meet quarterly to update your progress and look for opportunities to do better throughout the year.

What do you have to lose? Get started by clicking the button below.